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Magic and Mentalism
Hands off, impromptu, improvised
    "If Magic be the food of Love... Play on." 
    (William Shakespeare, reloaded...)
    My definition of a perfect "trick":
    Hands off = Without touching, no sleight of hand
    Impromptu = Anytime, Anywhere but you need something with you, or some setup.
    Improvised = Anytime, Anywhere, At any moment notice; you need nothing, or just borrowed common objects.
    Stand up = Can be done standing up, no table required, etc. 
    Practical = No angles restrictions, no weather restrictions, Easy reset, or no reset
    Easy= no difficult sleight of hands, no difficult memorization, straightforward, simple effect, simple plot
    Propless= No props needed, or borrowed props, or common props.
    Gimmickless= no gimmick
    Fun = entertaining, audience participation
    Magic= visual or emotional, disturbing,...Unbacktrackable.
    Sure= Works eveytime

    Based on this, here are some "perfect tricks or principles": "CHEAT HANDS", "COCKTAILS", "CLUE", "BLUFF", the first part of "COIN GAMES".There are other ones but they are unpublished yet, or not 100% surefire. I know some mentalists don't care, but as an ex engineer, I do. If they are not sure, they are not "perfect"! That's a major criteria.

    Following are some of my favorite signature effects.They are all AAA, impromptu, and simple plots you can do every single day, at any moment notice... Some are improvised, some are impromptu. One thing you need to remember: All are just the tip of the iceberg. Always read between the lines. Every secret can be used for more. Also, find your own presentation, even if some examples are provided. Just be creative.

    "Man both routines are very very clever! I love them! Especially the heads and tails one!!! I definitely use them! Well done mate!" (ROMANOS ,creator of GERTI /SILVER SWINDLE ).
    "...Good stuff :) " (Nefesch,Mentalist)
    You show a 500$ bill:"Who wants to earn some money?". You then play the two simplest plots you can do in Magic: HEADS or TAILS, and WHICH HAND.
    100% suresafe, easy to do, direct, practical... Hands off. Each routine can be played separately.
    You can even detect  if the spectator is hiding the coin in his pocket! with CHEAT HAND. This one is perfect!

    -THE SIMPLEST ACAAN IN THE WORLD ?! :With a borrowed deck of cards, shuffled by the spectator. The simplest variation is hands off! Although it is not a perfect ACAAN, it is my favorite. The principle is bold but it fools everybody (including Magicians).
    Any card is selected and lost in the deck. The spectator names any number. The performer counts to that number and it is the right card. I do this one all the time and it kills!
    -YIN YANG: You put a card or a business card face down on the floor. A spectator thinks of a card and will change it to a complementary one. The prediction was right (or almost right but you can explain why). Hands off and 100% improvised... 
    With this principle, you can narrow down any thing in the world, thought by a spectator, to just a few possibilities. It does not use PA or BA...
    You need guts to do this one with nothing, but it kills!
    - COCKTAILS: A prediction is written on a borrowed support. Several objects of different colors preferably, are eliminated one by one. The last one is the one on the prediction... The interesting part is when you explain how you subliminally influenced the participant! The ending kills!
    Hands off. Another perfect one!
    -UPS: A bold universal prediction system, that is great as an ice breaker or as a safenet. Can be adapted to any language, presentation, topic, patter, etc. Hands off. With my "MIMOSA principle", I can then show it was predicted in the AGENDA (or else) on my iPhone (It should work on any smart phone actually). UPS2 (unpublished yet) is even better as the spectator can see on the prediction, exactly what he thought in his mind. 

    -HALF BRAIN HYPNOSIS:The spectator puts her hand on the table and you paralyze one of her fingers! Whether you know how to do it or not, it is all in the presentation. AAA and hands off.

    - THINK OF ANYTHING! Most of the time, you will guess it, or get very close, and in less than one minute. Otherwise, there is an exit where their thought was predicted. Impromptu! Simple and direct. Nothing written by the spectator. 
    -"BLUFF", a fantastic way to guess anything and detect liars in a group of people.  
    - "MIMOSA": Back to the future...
    - "CLUE": Divine any object thought among any number of objects. Perfect!


    The following ones are impromptu but you'll need "a little something" with you.

    - You want something visual? There are some really cool ideas in PK MYSTERIES, especially MELTING SPOON: Thirty seconds of visual magic that will capture your audience without saying a single word...
    - You want to involve more people (5)? And give them all your business card at the end? Try "THE DIE IS CAST" (it is 100% hands off and fantastic!). And you can repeat it with 5 different spectators! You could repeat it again and again, but it's boring then! Rather bet at HEADS OR TAILS, with any number of people, or repeat it any number of times with somebody, and always keep your money!
    - HOT H.O.T: You place your (prepared) business card on the table and just ask: "HEADS or TAILS?" Turn the card over and you always win. You'll love this one. A new application of a, now, known method, plus something else...
    - WITH PHONES: Unlock phones, predict anything, predict the future! (No applications required).

    Latest ebooks: 
     "MIMOSA", an incredible system to predict the future (and other things!).
    "BLUFF", a very powerful principle to detect liars and guess any truth.
    "CHEAT HAND", another take on the classic "which hand" plot. One of my favorites!
    "CLUE", A powerful principle for improvising with any number of objects or cards.
    "DARWIN", an exploration of a classic principle that works with any number of cards.
    "QUANTUM LEAP", a devious method to reveal a thought and/or a lie.

    Bundles are now available at a great price (but for a limited period):   
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