Magic and Mentalism
Hands off, impromptu, improvised
    "If Magic be the food of Love... Play on." 
    (William Shakespeare, reloaded...)

    This site is used to share some of my ideas on Magic and Mentalism. It is used as a "repository" for ebooks I have written primarily for my own usage and scripting.

    My definition of a "perfect trick":
    - Hands off = Without touching, no sleight of hand
    - Impromptu = Anytime, Anywhere but you need something with you, or some setup.
    or Improvised = Anytime, Anywhere, At any moment notice, with Anybody: you need nothing, or just borrowed common objects.
    - Universal= suitable for stand-up, close-up, parlour, stage
    - Practical = No angles restrictions, no weather restrictions, Easy reset, or no reset at all.
    - Easy= no difficult sleight of hands, no difficult memorization, straightforward, simple effect, simple plot.
    - Propless= No props needed, or borrowed props, or usual props.
    - Gimmickless= no gimmick.
    - Fun = entertaining, audience participation.
    - Magic= visual or emotional, disturbing, unbacktrackable, amazing.
    - Sure= Works everytime.

    Based on this, here are some "perfect" tricks or principles: "CHEAT HANDS", YIN YANG "COCKTAILS", "CLUE", "BLUFF", the first part of "COIN GAMES", "THINK OF ANYTHING IN THE WORLD".

    Some other effects I like, even though they are "not perfect":

    - UPS
    - "MIMOSA" Back to the future...A very powerful system with smartphones.

    - HOT H.O.T A new application of a, now, known method, plus something else...
    - WITH PHONES Unlock phones, predict anything, predict the future! (No applications required).
    - "QUANTUM LEAP", a devious method to reveal a thought and/or a lie.
    - "TRUST", A collection of nice effects.
    - "TWIN PEEKS"
    - The "CHARLIE'S" DECK (my own version of the "PHIL deck" using a different method)
    - NAMES GAMES (a number of effects using the "GZ" deck or not: "My name is Charlie", "Monty Hall V2", etc.)
    - WIFI: Here is a quick little puzzle that gets great reactions, and that can also bring something emotional or related to your act, to an event, the actuality, etc. 
    I do not claim that my principles or ideas are all 100% original, but they may have something new, as I found them by myself while focusing mainly on improvised and hands-off methods. Most of them are based on logic, as this is my background, or combinations of classic principles. Here are some of them:
    - The SVP principle, The trust principle, The intimate principle: those are just psychological subtleties.
    - The liar principle and "Clue": Exploration and generalization of two old principles.
    - The Zoom principle
    - The Yin Yang principle
    - "UPS" (1 and 2)
    - "Janus" principles (various methods for two way outs)
    - "GZ controls" (Very deceptive card or business card controls that are very useful in mentalism effects, and allow tons of effects, even new ones. Although very simple, I have never seen it done before. 
    This move is described in "TWIN PEEKS", "SIMPLEST ACAAN", and in "BUSINESS CARDS 1. It can be used to replace a double lift, for peeks, card control on top, etc.